Jodd Library b305

jodd.bean Java Bean utilities, provides the fastest bean manipulation.
jodd.bean.loader Bean loaders iterate given bean, read property names and values which are stored into destination bean.
jodd.bean.modifier Bean modifiers changes values of bean properties.
jodd.cache Some useful caches: LRU, LFU, FIFO.
jodd.datetime Finally, easy manipulation of date and time!
jodd.datetime.converter JDateTime converters to other objects.
jodd.datetime.formatter JDateTime formatters for converting date/time informations to/from strings.
jodd.format Good, old, C-alike, enhanced and fast printf formatting utility.
jodd.introspector Very fast reflection introspector. File utilites. Various file filters. Nice utilities for easier files and classes finding.
jodd.mail Simple e-mail sending.
jodd.mutable Mutable number bean-alike implementations.
jodd.servlet Servlet utils.
jodd.servlet.filter Just few common JSP filters.
jodd.servlet.upload Multipart http request and module for uploading files.
jodd.servlet.upload.impl Various implementations of uploaded files and their factories.
jodd.swing Misc Swing tools.
jodd.swing.spy SwingSpy examines Swing layouts.
jodd.typeconverter Slick and various type conversions.
jodd.util Huge set of various utilities.
jodd.util.collection Few collection enhancements.
jodd.util.idgen Various ID generators.
jodd.util.ref References tools.
jodd.util.sort Fastest sorting algoritms and implementations.


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