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*INTRODUCTION, n. A social ceremony invented by the devil for the gratification of his servants and the plaguing of his enemies. (The Devil's Dictionary)

Jodd is a generic purpose open-source Java library bundled with lightweight frameworks and components: bean manipulation tool, JDateTime for elegant time handling, Db for easier database access, Madvoc for web works, Petite as a container, Proxetta for building proxies... Special attention is put into making code simple and fast as possible, and yet, features rich, by following specific implementation principles. Jodd is free software; use it under the terms of the BSD license.

Download Jodd.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Jodd is currently being in the final iterration before the relase. Please be patient and let us do some changes to make Jodd suite complete. Thank you for understanding.
What's in thejar?

utilUTILITIES, utilities utilities... Jodd enriches JDK with many utilities and makes easier the usage of some functionality that are, usually, written over and over again every time when needed. Do not reinvent the wheel, let us do it;) At least, we will make it run fast.

beanBean manipulation, yet again. This time, it is the fastest bean manipulation tool available that comes in several flavors. It works with properties or directly with the fields. Functionality is internally spread over several logically separated methods, so custom extensions are easy for implementation. As usual, good bean utilities depend on good introspection and type conversion tools, which can be used independently.

datetimeTIME with JDateTime: elegance and astronomical precision in one. Uses well-defined and proven astronomical algorithms for date/time manipulation. Still, it is very developer-friendly and easy to use. For the completeness, it provides various conversions, too; extensible conversion to and from a string is maybe the most interesting one. Everyone who has ever experienced frustration working with JDK Calendar will find this class interesting.

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utilJodd WOT is a collection of several frameworks. They are build to be small (< 250 KB!), auto-configurable (no configuration files) and practical (using conventions).

databaseDb simplifies database access significantly reducing the amount of written code. It provides smart and enhanced statement facade. Next layer encapsulates database session and helps with transactions and queries. Finally, DbOrm returns the joy of simple, but efficient objects mapping, templated queries and some common query auto-generations.

madvoc betaMadvoc web framework eases MVC usage and web development. It prefers convention over configuration, which significantly reduces amount of code, without losing functionality.

containerPetite betacontainer requires zer0 configuration. It supports the most used features: component wiring using annotations, component scopes (prototype, singleton, http session, or any custom), circular dependency checker, runtime class replacements... For those who are tired of big, fat containers.

proxetabetaPROXY creation with Proxetta is fun and easy, using just nothing else than plain java. It is done in runtime by unique bytecode macro-alike manipulation that produces the fastest proxy method implementation, just as you would do it by yourself.

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