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b307 (Apr 23 2008)

Petite was a bit redesigned to gain more speed and to support autowiring.

b305 (Apr 19 2008)

This is a major release! Lot of things have been changed. Sorry for that, but all this refactorings were planned. We do not expect major changes from this point on.

Proxetta refactored, a lot. Madvoc refactored, a lot. SwingSpy added. DbSqlGenerator introduced. Jtx package introduced. Many small enhacements. Some bug fixes.

b295 (Oct 19 2007)

Jodd is splited in two libraries: jodd (just utilities) and jodd-wot (frameworks).
Some code cleaning.
Web site redesign.

b291 (Avg 03 2007)

Jodd moved to Java5+ platform.
Db is a bit enhanced.
Proxetta is introduceted in Jodd suite.
Various updates and some new utilities are added.