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Jodd::Frequently given answers
*Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. (Pablo Picasso)

What is the need for Jodd?
First, we wanted to collect some reusable code snippets that were repeating from project to project. Then we wanted to write them in good manners. Last but not least, we had some nice ideas about very light frameworks that could speed our development. Voila, Jodd was born.

Why do you not use other libraries instead of writing yet another one?
We believe that Jodd provides some unique features we didn't see anywhere else. Mostly, these differences are subtle and you might appreciate them only if you take care about the coding. Still, Jodd doesn't provide a solution for everything, and will never will - it is not that kind of library. Good thing is that you can use it only parts what you like.

Why are you so much obsessed with performance?
We believe that libraries and frameworks should be as fast as possible (besides being useful and without defects), what leaves more processor-time for the business parts of application. We have seen too many times developers that lose performances on some common tasks, such as string manipulations, etc. Also, writing the fastest code is a challenge which we enjoy.

WTF?! Why I should choose #!@:%$ Jodd?
We do realize that most will forget Jodd as soon as they left these pages. If you are still reading, than either you have some free time, either you really find it interesting:) Jodd is for those who search for subtle differences and fine code.

What happened to old Jodd?
It's deprecated, although many old utilities continue to live in new release.

Are you serious?
Very much. Some may think that this is just coding-for-fun. Although the web site is funny (at least, we hope so:), we are deadly serious about Jodd development. We have invested a large amount of time in it.

Your English is bad!
No, my English sucks big time;) Sorry for that, writing documentation is always the hardest thing to do... Please feel free to correct anything you find bad.

Does Jodd mean something? Maybe from StarWars?
Yes. Nope - word didn't come from any movie, book, song, etc.