Jodd WOT frameworks b305

jodd.db Simple and safe database access.
jodd.db.connection Various database connection providers.
jodd.db.jtx Database extension for propagated transactions.
jodd.db.orm ORM suite in less then 10 classes.
jodd.db.orm.config DbOrm configurators and configuration helper methods.
jodd.db.orm.mapper ResultSet to objects mappers.
jodd.db.orm.meta DbOrm annotations.
jodd.db.orm.sqlgen Various query generators.
jodd.db.orm.sqlgen.chunks DbSqlBuilder query chunks. DbSqlBuilder FK naming conventions.
jodd.db.pool Various custom database pool implementations.
jodd.jtx Quick and dirty Java transactions management.
jodd.jtx.meta Transaction annotations.
jodd.jtx.worker Transaction workers utilizes usage of transactions in certain way.
jodd.madvoc Madvoc was here.
jodd.madvoc.actions Some helper actions.
jodd.madvoc.config Madvoc configurators and configuration helper methods.
jodd.madvoc.injector Action injectors used by interceptors puts data in and out of an action.
jodd.madvoc.interceptor Various Madvoc action interceptors.
jodd.madvoc.meta Annotations used by Madvoc.
jodd.madvoc.petite Madvoc using Petite.
jodd.petite Petite container.
jodd.petite.config Configurators for Petite container.
jodd.petite.meta Annotations used by Petite container.
jodd.petite.scope Petite bean scopes.
jodd.proxetta Proxetta creates the fastest proxy subclasses in an easy, java-friendly way.
jodd.proxetta.asm This package assembles proxy classes.
jodd.proxetta.pointcuts Various common proxy pointcuts.


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